September 29, 2014 Day 252 of the Sixth Year - History

September 29, 2014 Day 252 of the Sixth Year - History

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President Barack Obama returns to the Oval Office after a meeting in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, Sept. 29, 2014.

10:00AM THE PRESIDENT and VICE PRESIDENT receive the Presidential Daily Briefing Oval Office

10:45AM THE PRESIDENT meets with HUD Secretary Castro

Roosevelt Room  3:30PM THE PRESIDENT attends a DNC roundtable Capital Hilton Hotel

7:00PM THE PRESIDENT hosts Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India for a private dinner; THE VICE PRESIDENT also attends Blue Room

All Hail The Power of Jesus Name

We just learned about the hymn All Creatures of our God and King.

Another famous hymn is All Hail The Power of Jesus Name, written by Edward Perronet in 1779 in England.

Edward Perronet was the son of a priest, and he grew up in England where he worked with some other famous church leaders like John Wesley.
Through the years he wrote a few books of Christian poems and hymns, and Wesley wanted Perronet to be a preacher too.
Edward was always too nervous, but one time Wesley forced him to go up in front of the church and give a sermon.
He went up and told everyone he would give the greatest sermon ever preached, and then he read Jesus' Sermon on the Mount from the book of Matthew.

The hymn "All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name" is so famous some people call it the national anthem of Christianity.

(from: wikipedia - all hail the power of jesus name)

Via Crucis: The Stations of the (Displacing) Cross

The Los Angeles Catholic Worker has been doing this modern day retelling of the Stations of the Cross since the early 1970s. For the L.A. Catholic Worker, the Via Crucis (literally “the way of torture”) serves as a reminder of the many ways that Christ is still crucified in our world today. This year, we gathered virtually to remember, to repent, and to recommit ourselves to the radical work of liberation as Christ called all people to, roughly two millennia ago.

This year’s stations juxtapose Jesus’s life and passion with the brutal history of displacement in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles. This community has long been in the crosshairs of Los Angeles politicians, business elite, and white Angelenos, and it has also been the home of the Los Angeles Catholic Worker for over 50 years.

You can watch the recording of our live event from Good Friday on our Facebook page.

And/or get a copy of the script here.

Please enjoy learning about a more in depth history of Los Angeles and the community we live in!

The History Blog

A vast Merovingian-era cemetery with more than 150 heavy lidded stone sarcophagi has gone on display in a new exhibition center built around the archaeological site in Luxeuil-les-Bains. The concentration of well-preserved stone sarcophagi is unique in eastern France, and in terms of area and density of remains, this is one of the largest and most important Merovingian sites in Europe.

The Gallo-Roman city of Luxovium grew over a 2nd century B.C. Gallic sanctuary to its namesake deity Luxovius. Hundreds of Gallic votive statuettes and dedications to Luxovius and his associated goddress Brixta have been discovered. The town at the foot of the Vosges was known for its hot springs, and the 1st century bathhouse became the heart of a prosperous spa district. Roman Luxovium was devastated by Attila’s forces in 451, but while the town was, according to a 7th hagiography, a vegetation-choked ruin, the thermal baths were still very much in working order and still in use in 590 when Saint Columbanus had a monastery built there as a permanent home for his community.

The site preserved in the new museum was first discovered during a preventative archaeology excavation carried out in 2008-2009. Out of the old parking lot in the center of town, archaeological material from 2,000 years of history emerged, with the oldest remains from a 2nd century domus. The domus was abandoned in the early 4th century and reused as a pagan necropolis. A large early Christian funerary basilica, Saint-Martin, was built at the Abbey in the 5th-6th centuries. The entire church, including the sanctuary, was used for burials. About 350 burials have been unearthed in total, including the 150 stone sarcophagi. One crypt with elaborate vaulting was built in the 670s as the final resting place of Saint Valbert, third abbot of the monastery. His remains were translated as relics all over Europe, so there’s nothing much of Saint Valbert left in Saint Valbert’s crypt, but it attests to how sacred and important a space Saint-Martin was considered to be.

The church was rebuilt in the early 9th century and major modifications altered its architectural character beyond recognition. Saint-Martin evolved from monastic church to parish church in the 12th-13th centuries. It was demolished in 1797 during the dissolutions of the French Revolution. Today the foundations of the church are visible around the dense population of sarcophagi.

Dubbed L’Ecclesia, the new exhibition center was designed by architect Michel Malcotti with a suspended metal framework that allows visitors to explore walkways and stations throughout the site without a single pillar obscuring the landscape.

  • The Saint-Martin site
  • The funeral basilica and methods of burial
  • The crypt of Saint Valbert
  • Ancient habitat
  • The late phases of the Saint-Martin church

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Current exhibitions

This exhibition surveys MASS Design Group’s extraordinary portfolio of public-serving design, including completed buildings, proposed projects, and applied research initiatives.

Gun Violence Memorial Project

Presented in conjunction with “Justice is Beauty: The Work of MASS Design Group,” the Gun Violence Memorial Project is a tribute to the thousands of lives lost to gun violence in America every year.

Alan Karchmer: The Architects’ Photographer

A cross-section of renowned architectural photographer Alan Karchmer’s professional portfolio, personal images, and artifacts that shed light on his work.

Summer Block Party 2021: Inside Out

This year’s Summer Block Party features several wooden architectural structures, a book-filled maze, educational programs, interactive art on the West Lawn, and weekly outdoor movies through July.


Explore the past, present, and future of play in this immersive, hands-on installation featuring molded foam blocks of all shapes and sizes.

Animals, Collected

These architectural objects depict real and mythological animals. It’s a curious and wonderful zoo, a small part of our collection of 300,000+ items.

House & Home

Through interactive displays, historic home objects, and film, discover houses both familiar and surprising, challenging ideas about what it means to live at home in America.

Justice is Beauty: The Work of MASS Design Group

This exhibition surveys MASS Design Group’s extraordinary portfolio of public-serving design, including completed buildings, proposed projects, and applied research initiatives.

Gun Violence Memorial Project

Presented in conjunction with “Justice is Beauty: The Work of MASS Design Group,” the Gun Violence Memorial Project is a tribute to the thousands of lives lost to gun violence in America every year.

Alan Karchmer: The Architects’ Photographer

A cross-section of renowned architectural photographer Alan Karchmer’s professional portfolio, personal images, and artifacts that shed light on his work.

Summer Block Party 2021: Inside Out

This year’s Summer Block Party features several wooden architectural structures, a book-filled maze, educational programs, interactive art on the West Lawn, and weekly outdoor movies through July.


Explore the past, present, and future of play in this immersive, hands-on installation featuring molded foam blocks of all shapes and sizes.

Animals, Collected

These architectural objects depict real and mythological animals. It’s a curious and wonderful zoo, a small part of our collection of 300,000+ items.

House & Home

Through interactive displays, historic home objects, and film, discover houses both familiar and surprising, challenging ideas about what it means to live at home in America.

4 blocks from the National Mall

Judiciary Square (Red Line)
Gallery Place-Chinatown (Red/Yellow/Green Lines)

Free access to the Great Hall, Museum Shop,
and Gun Violence Memorial Project

91-Year-Old With 31-Year-Old Boyfriend Says Sometimes He Feels Like A Son, Until They're In Bed

Forget Harold and Maude. How about Kyle and Marjorie?

Kyle Jones from Pittsburgh is a 31-year-old man with an untraditional romantic leaning towards older women -- much older women.

In 2009, Jones met 91-year-old Marjorie McCool at the book store where she worked. The two have engaged in a romantic, physical relationship ever since, and are happily dating as each brings something unique to the relationship.

At three times Jones' age, McCool is already a great grandmother, but Jones finds her lines, wrinkles, platinum hair and natural hanging neck skin attractive. Jones says he offers older women a different kind of experience than they're used to with adventure and funs things to do.

Likewise, McCool says dating somebody younger makes her feel alive again. "The physical side of the relationship is wonderful. I amaze myself and he amazes me, and I like it," says McCool in the video above.

Jones first noticed his attraction towards older women at a young age and though it took his mother, Ceceila Jones, some getting used to, she ultimately accepts her son's lifestyle. McCool is also a mother and says she sometimes feels like Jones is just another one of her children.

"I sometimes feel like he's another son, until we hop in bed. Then I feel different."

The two lovebirds are not monogamous, and Jones is also engaged in a relationship with 68-year-old Anna Ronald, who he met on a dating site.

Jones has encountered criticism, but defends his choices. "The most common [criticism] is that I'm a vulture," says Jones. "You're after money, you're after inheritance. I hear that all the time, but it's not true at all. I do this because I like it and they like it too."

Welcome to the online home of Bordesley Green Girls School and Sixth Form. We are proud of our students and of our school our Progress 8 results put us in the top 15% of schools nationally. Take a look around the site for lots of information about BGGS and our thriving community of learners.

Our pupils are rightly ambitious and they go on from our Sixth Form to the UK's top universities or to apprenticeships in some of the country's leading companies. We work hard every day to ensure our pupils receive the very best state education available and to encourage them to believe in themselves.

10 Tips on How to Start a Blog That Makes Money

New post on Online Marketing Hub

The Ultimate Guide – The 10 Key Steps on How To Start a Blog That Makes Money
by christopherjanb

In the 1990′s people started creating online diaries. They were given the title of “web logs”. Popular myth has it that it became “we blog” and the “we” got dropped for the sake of language expediency. The word “blog” then emerged from the mist of vernacular evolution.

That’s opening story on the emergence of the blog word!

Blogging has changed a lot since those times and with the evolution of the digital ecosystem it has reached new highs.

A blogging tipping point
The tale doesn’t stop there because the blog hit a tipping point in 2011 when Arianna Huffington sold her “super blog” to AOL for $315 million. That made a few bloggers sit up and take notice along with the mainstream media and entrepreneurs. That sale said blogging had moved out of the geek closet to mainstream media.

So the humble blog is 20 years old and is no longer just about geeks and the web but about online publishing, content marketing and it has become a serious business and source revenue for many e-preneurs around the world.

The attraction
One attraction to me when I started my blog was the power of the social web to reach a global audience with my ideas and content without leaving my desk. It was “my” publishing machine. It cost me $10 for the domain name. That was it.

What also drew me to blogging was a combination of it being my creation portal, a lifestyle business and a place to make a difference and make my own dent in the universe. For many it is also the platform for self development.

Learning: A place to express and structure your thoughts and creations. The process of putting it down and structuring your ideas means you have to activate the neurons. The learning from just this process cannot be underestimated.

Documenting: It is a portal to document “your” intellectual property. Your “IP” is then not lost to humanity (or even to your own forgetful mind) but recorded for people to read view and share. This is the legacy part. This digital record keeping is becoming part of the global mind. It could last forever if the electricity doesn’t turn off and the data centers remain online.

Discipline: The discipline of reading, researching and creating will lead to personal discoveries of abilities you may not even know you had. You may also oncover passions and interests that have been dormant or undiscovered.

Networking: Creating and sharing online will lead to powerful connections globally as people discover your art. These connections will lead to many opportunities if you are prepared to sit down, strap yourself in and do the work

You will not see or experience these benefits until well after you have started, but they are real. I know, because this has been my journey.

What’s driven this evolution?
Blogging has been transformed by many factors over the last 5 years since I started. The speed of the internet has increased, the audience has become larger and smart phones and tablets have become ever present. The Internet is expected to grow from nearly 3 bullion to over 6 billion people in the next decade. That is a lot of opportunity and also a challenge as the web noise makes standing out even harder.

That is why starting now has many advantages. It’s placing your stake in the ground for the digital gold rush. It means building digital assets of content and distribution today that will grow as you create and “earn” authority online. Blogging has also been supercharged by two obsessive technologies. Social media and smart phones.

This is a heady and powerful mix. You could call it the perfect storm. Bloggers need to embrace both and learn how to use them to maximum effect.

Blogging business models to consider
So how can you make money from blogging?

There are many business models. Many bloggers have multiple revenue streams. Darren Rowse at Problogger lists twelve and Michael Hyatt mentions seven. Let’s look at a few key business models that are proven. The advertising revenue model of Mashable and Huffington Post require large audiences that mean attracting traffic into the millions or ten of millions per month and I don’t intend to discuss it further here. But here are some that are achievable for almost everyone with the right persistence and focus.

Selling your knowledge with an ebook
Providing a monthly subscription service to access resources and premium content
Selling online courses
Selling consulting, speaking and advisory services
Earning money through joint ventures and collaboration. This is also sometimes called “affiliate” marketing
These are just 5 proven methods and can be done from one blog.

How to start a blog that makes money?
Here are 10 key pillars that will assist you in building you a lifestyle business that will transform your life and work for your personal passions and purpose.

How do I know that they work?

Because this blog makes a 6 figure income that takes me around the world speaking, created a lifestyle that I love, built global business networks and created many lucrative and surprising opportunities.

If you are looking for a “get rich quick scheme” then stop reading now and buy a lottery ticket.

Here are the steps I have discovered through 5 years of trial and error, hard work and blood sweat and tears.

1. Discover your passion and purpose
Random mutterings online show lack of focus. Make sure you have your direction and purpose clear as possible for your blog. This is the foundation that will keep you going.

Can you state what you’re about in 20 words or less? You need a spark to start a fire. That’s the passion piece. This is what will sustain you when inspiration deserts you and doubts engulf your daily life. One particular approach that provides a simple framework is worth considering. Porter Gale’s steps to discovering your focus is quite helpful without overcomplicating it.

The 4 steps
List your passions
Discover the sweet spot at the intersection
Describe your tone – Witty, Irreverent, Inspirational etc
Write the 20 word mission statement that distils your purpose
Some of you may already have this nailed but nuancing it to be as clear as possible is vital for long term success.

2. Identify your target audience
Your target audience needs to be clearly defined. Understanding the humanity that lies behind the sterile data of demographics is vital to get into the heart and soul of your global niche.

Personas have emerged in the past few years as a means to put a human face to the soulless and faceless stats of the demographic data scientist. The problem is that just considering a demographic profile misses that human element. So personas were invented to help the new breed of marketer understand the human side of the data.

Personas have problems, challenges and aspirations both as an individual and as an employee of a company. Newspapers have understood this at a primal layer for a long time in what news they published on the front page. Editors and journalists have known for a long time that “If it bleeds it leads“. Fear sells newspapers.

Personas have personalities, they have fears, wants and passions. Demographics have ages, an assigned gender and even a college degree.

So it doesn’t matter whether you are a blogger, a brand or social media marketer, You need to make your content human.

To develop a persona requires asking some questions.

Questions you need to be asking
To develop a persona you need to be asking some questions about your typical buyer. Here are a few to get you started.

What are their biggest problems and challenges in their job?
Where do they get their information from? Blogs, trade magazines, books?
What would stop them changing to your product or service?
What conferences do they attend?
How do they convince their boss to make a buying decision? Do they print off an ebook and put it on his desk?
What media do they consume? YouTube videos, white papers, podcasts?
When you start to know the answers to some of these questions then your content creation for your target audience will begin to be relevant and appropriate.

3. Design and build your blog
Design is what consumes most of people’s time. For many, it is how it looks. Yes…looks are very important… but design goes much deeper than that. It is also how it works. Design that matters and manages the tension between form and function can be beautiful to behold. Steve Jobs knew and understood that.

So hire a designer that understands that it isn’t just about having a beautiful face but powerful and essential functions.

What are some essential elements to include in your blog design and functions?

Ensure it is designed for search engines. Make sure that the web designer includes clean coding that allows the the top 25-30 key phrases you want to rank for on Google easily be crawled by the search engines crawler for indexing. Also upload a plugin such as Yoast that optimizes content for search.
Include social sharing buttons such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+
The design should allow easy following on your social networks
Make it simple for people to subscribe to your email address by including a pop-up on entry or exit that offers free content in exchange for their email address
Include social proof. This displays your online credibility that is seen at a glance. This is what are your awards, how many people are sharing your content
Design is not just how it looks or even the content. It is essential that “calls to action” are built into the design and function. These include “Follow us”, “like” us, subscribe or download our free ebook
Easy to read fonts. Don’t make your text so small that it is hard to read.
4. Hosting your blog
Ever been to blog that is so slow to load that you click away. That can sometimes be put down to having a slow internet connection. Often though it is because you are sharing a hosting computer with hundreds of other domains. It has become vital with Google’s new attention to user experience that your site loads quickly. If your site is slow then you will find that it will affect your sites search engine results as Google gives your site a small black cross. This little rule is now written into Google’s algorithms.

The blog is hosted by Bluehost Web Hosting. For only $3.95 a month, Bluehost can help you set up and host your blog. Because is a Bluehost affiliate partner, my readers can use this link to receive a 50% discount off the monthly price and a free domain name.

The other key here is having a site that is online 24/7. You may pay a little more but in the end you will be thankful. especially when you are building a blog that means business I have found that my hosting supplier Blue Host, provides robust and cost effective blog and website hosting with great support with a free WordPress template for only $3.49 per month.

5. Create free content
Content marketing is the new “black” when it comes to driving traffic. Its about attracting traffic rather than chasing it. Creating and giving away free content build credibility and trust and can position you as a thought leader in your industry

It improves your SEO (Search engine optimisation) for your blog and this drives “organic” search engine traffic when you are found in search results. How important is search engine traffic? In most cases it drives 300% more traffic than social networks. Today on my blog it is over 55% of all my traffic. Being found on page one brings 90% of all clicks.

It also leads to referral traffic when people find your content is so good they “hyperlink” back to your articles.

Content marketing tactics
Create tempting headlines that drive “clicks”. I can’t stress how important developing and continuing to hone this skill is.
Make sure you have social sharing buttons that are “very” visible at the top or a floating bar on the side. (Don’t hide them down the bottom)
After publishing, share your content in as many appropriate social networks as possible
Write long form content. Google is rewarding long form content (some say 1,500 words or more) by ranking it higher in search engines.
Create evergreen content. This allows you to keep tweeting and posting it on a recurring basis over time to social networks and hence builds more traffic from one piece of content
Turn one piece of content into multiple formats. A written blog post can be turned into a podcast, a slideshare presentation, video and even an infographic
Create or use “infographics”. People love to share quality visuals. They also tend to be embedded and hence continue to drive referral traffic

Note: The presentation design for this infographic was done by

6. Build distribution
Taking control of your blog and content distribution should be done from day one. There are 4 key distribution tactics.

Social media marketing is in essence just two things. Content (media) and Distribution (social networks). Get them right and the rest follows. Increased traffic, brand awareness and sales.

But creating the content is one thing but making it move is another. That is why growing your social networks is so important. It puts the power in your hands. That is what excited me when I saw the potential of social for the first time. Access to a global market in real time at high speed.

Beyonce and her marketing gurus got it right when in December 2013, she bypassed mass media to launched her new album on her own social networks. There wasn’t one TV show or mass media channel to be seen.

This was a marketing tipping point.

We also have many social network choices. They are global and still can be “earned” and built directly with your own audience. It takes time but the application of persistent effort is rewarded with your own content delivery networks. Bigger is better.

You will also have to choose which networks you want to focus on. One is not enough and it also risky because as the social networks evolve they keep changing the game and their algorithms. It’s all your eggs in one basket thing. For many that is the Facebook bucket. Be wary of committing your focus to just one platform.

Email may be perceived as not cool but it does allow you to reach your dedicated audience when you want. Build your email list from the first day your blog goes “live”

Search engines will give you nothing on the first day you publish, this fact means that “search engine optimisation” or “SEO” is ignored by many. But I promise you that if you invest in the key elements of “SEO” that a couple of years later that Google will reward you with free traffic when you start ranking on page one.

Mobile is not a distribution network but it is a platform that needs special attention. So much media is now consumed on mobile devices (it is often 50% or more of blog and ecommerce traffic) that making sure that you have optimized your blog for smart phones and tablets is absolutely essential!

Optimized for mobile means people can:

Read your content easily without magnifying glasses
Subscribe to your email list on a mobile device
Buy your services and products without waiting to get home to their desktop
7. Create and package your knowledge
Do you have decades of experience and expertise that is worth something to a knowledge hungry world? Is it locked up in your grey matter? Not structured or packaged?

Today most of us are knowledge workers.

You might be in finance, marketing, technology or public relations. Do you have industry knowledge that is highly valued? Businesses buy expertise and knowledge workers to add value to their businesses.

Maybe its time to sit down, outline and unlock that knowledge for your benefit. You may even have a part time hobby and passion that could be bundled up into an online course or ebook to be monetized.

Blogs and the ability to self publish is opening up opportunities for “you” to be paid for your knowledge and creativity.

The rise of the online creative
The freedom to publish that blogging provides, is powering a new revolution of knowledge sharing, expression and creativity that is unprecedented.

Closet cooks are both demonstrating and displaying their culinary skills via video, recipes and teasing photos on foodie blogs.

Photographers are taking us on their local and world journeys. They are revealing corners of the globe that are exposing hidden cultures, geography and private lives for us to glimpse at like voyeurs. They are published to blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

Even teenagers create fashion that surprise us and is uploaded to YouTube and shared to a global audience.

Have a passion and some expertise and add a dose of technology and publish online. You can build an audience of thousands.

But there’s a problem
I was recently viewing a TED talk by Jared Diamond and he posed a question to a problem that is worth answering.

“How should we use our old people?”

This question was framed in a way that starts the journey in how we can come up with solutions to help societies grow old better. This dilemma has been created because modern society values youth and beauty over wisdom, age and experience. This has in part been created by the rise of technology as wisdom and knowledge in the past lay within the minds of the elders of the tribe.

Today we just Google knowledge.

It has made the finding of knowledge a technology solution. This is taking away the importance and role of the elders of our society.

So what does technology not touch that our wise older generation can still offer? Jared has a few suggestions.

Understanding of human relationships
Ability to help other people without ego getting in the way
Interdisciplinary knowledge eg history, politics and economics
Devising long term plans
But there is a solution.

A solution
The technology that is the problem can also be the answer that taps into that wealth of wisdom and experience of decades. Help, build awareness and train the older generation to package, publish and promote their decades of knowledge, experience and insights on blogs and websites.

Here are some tips on how to package your knowledge to sell on your blog.

The first step to packaging your knowledge
So how do you approach packaging your knowledge?

The simplest place to start is to write a book. It can start with a short ebook. It doesn’t have to be long. Make it 10-15 pages. That’s the practice part. This is where you can distil your knowledge into chunk size bites that will help you start structuring and synthesizing your knowledge.

Then you can write a longer ebook that can also be turned into a printed book. There are a variety of “on demand” printing services that can assist you to create a print version. Blog posts can also be re-purposed and turned into chapters with some editing and rewriting.

The premium packaging of your expertise
The next steps are to add premium packaged versions of your knowledge.

If you want to take your ebook content to the next level you can supercharge your content by adding premium media and content.

Here is how you can turn a $29 eBook into a $3,000 product. This is how it can be done.

Add a podcast version – now you can charge $97
Add a Camtasia video version of the eBook where you record the screen shots in a video format while chatting through the eBook content – Sell that product for $597
Add interviews with experts – Sell product for $1,097
Offer personal coaching as part of the package – Sell for $2,097
Put it in a DVD package – Sell it all for $3,000
You can also then put on a live 2 day seminar and sell the tickets for $2,000. What about you?

Have you a wealth of knowledge that is wanting to get out? Have you decades of experience and “know how” that the rest of the world could benefit from?

Have you thought about productizing it?

8. Upload to your digital educating platform
Selling your knowledge can also be done many ways. Two popular ways are:

Online courses
To keep it simple let’s just look at selling your ebook for your first step.

Once you have created your product(s) to sell on your blog you need an automated way to sell and deliver the ebook or video tutorial download. In the past this meant some tricky programming to integrate different systems to deliver the download and to process the credit card transaction.

For example, the Selz platform can be setup in a matter of minutes and can be used to sell both digital and physical products.

Selz has been developed with the modern online entrepreneur in mind. Using Selz you can maximise your sales effortlessly without having to spend precious time on the mechanics of running an online business. Selz allows you to upload the ebook or video for you and automatically delivers the files when a customer purchases them.

Selz also makes it easier to build a customer email list as it integrates with three of the most popular email systems Aweber, Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor. By connecting it up to your email platform you can build your email list for marketing your next book or online course.

Getting serious
If you want to get serious and build a whole ecosystem for:

Hosting your course material
Managing affiliates
Accepting and managing payments
Emailing and automating your marketing
Then you have 2 choices for your packaged “premium” content and courses that you sell.

Build your own custom website (eg. WordPress platform with special templates)
Invest in a “cloud” based platforms such as Infusionsoft (starts from $199) or Ontraport (starts from $279) but with a lot more included as standard with everything already built in.
These platforms come into their own when you are selling your own online courses and are working with Joint venture partners and online influencers.

9. Build joint ventures
To amplify your marketing efforts then working with other bloggers is essential.

What is important to realise is that the social web allows you to work with other bloggers and businesses to reach each other’s customers. These “Joint Venture” relationships will amplify and multiply your marketing. With internet marketing this is often called “affiliate marketing”

Think about this for a moment. If you were able to work with 10 other bloggers who all had 10,000 emails each and you have 10,000 then you have just connected to a network of 100,000. That is an increase of 1,000 percent! This has to be done with high quality content and must be done with care, credibility and trust.

As Porter Gale states: “Your network is your net worth.”

10. Launch and market your product with joint venture partners
You have designed and developed your blog, created content built traffic and created relationships with partners.

If you want to take selling your product to a new level then you can create a solid process of putting in place online digital promotion campaigns with your joint venture partners.

Two of the most popular approaches include:

Selling from an online webinar: This means having your digital product ready for sale, affiliate platform setup, partner that has a large email list (10,000+). The next steps include setting a webinar date with 1-2 weeks of promotion and then educate and sell at the backend of the webinar with a close and call to action.
“Launch formula” process: Creating and launching your product with a whole team of joint venture partners. This is when you really sell your product “at scale”. This strategy that has been created over the last decade to sell your knowledge online and is known as the “launch process”. Jeff Walker is seen as the “God Father” of this approach.
If you really want to launch your product then you need to learn the art of the the launch process

It includes the following:

Post launch
If you want to learn about this in more detail then I would recommend that you read Jeff Walker’s book “Launch”

What about you?
Have you started your blog? Have knowledge you can package and sell? Haven’t got it just right.

Maybe it’s time to start. Remember “Done is better than perfect”

Want to learn how to start a blog that makes money today?
The blog is hosted by Bluehost Web Hosting. For only $3.49 a month, Bluehost can help you set up and host your blog. Because is a Bluehost affiliate partner, my readers can use this link to receive a 50% discount off the monthly price that can also include a free domain name.

The post The Ultimate Guide – The 10 Key Steps on How To Start a Blog That Makes Money appeared first on Jeffbullas’s Blog.

The 10 Tips on how to start a blog that makes money page is posted “By Mike Armstrong”

PandaBot Review

I have stumble upon Panda Bot somewhere in the beginning of 2014 but never actually gave it a try. I did install it but so many options needed to be configured that I just lost interest. By options needed to be set I mean campaigns for your site.

There is just so many text and instructions everywhere and I am very lazy. So I left it like that. Then somewhere in March I gave it another try. Setting up campaign for site took a good portion of time. When all was ready I started Panda Smart Browser. But nothing happened. It didn’t work.

Needless to say I was very pissed as I lost good portion of the day in setting up something that doesn’t work. It was strange as there are no special requirements except latest .NET framework to be installed. It was strike number two.

In May, I gave it another go. I started program, changing nothing (at least nothing I remember). This time it worked. The program started browsing other people’s websites while doing traffic campaigns for mine.

How Does Panda Bot Improve Google Rankings?

Panda Bot Network increases your site usage metrics which is important to Google when showing search results. Usage metrics is time spent on site, bounce rates, browse rates, various keywords search, direct traffic, social sharing, comments, etc.

Panda Bot is free to use system. It and can be used to improve ranking of website or YouTube videos. The system works on time credits.

You can either buy time to have your tasks completed or earn time by running the Panda browser on your own computer. You start by installing it and configuring traffic or/and social campaigns via Panda Bot Network Interface for your site.

Then other users with installed Panda Smart Browser will search your keywords, click your links, browse your website, like, share content, leave comments etc depending on your set campaigns.

But you will also need to let Panda Browser work in background in order to receive credits which are spent on others doing your traffic campaign tasks.

Some of tasks Panda Bot does in order to improve Google rankings for your website or videos:

  • Click on competitors links and quickly click back to the search engine results page giving them a negative bounce rate
  • Share, follow, re-post and like on Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Pinterest, Tweet, re-tweet and follow on Twitter
  • Watch your videos, like and subscribe to your channel on YouTube
  • AdSense safe, guaranteed organic search engine traffic
  • Traffic is seen as completely organic, not a bot or crawler
  • Create unique automated browsing patters to hit all of your internal pages

You may be worried is it safe to use it. If we are to believe official site, the Panda Smart Browser is virus and spyware free. They claim to only accept quality sites that are not infected with any malware or deliver any “inappropriate” content (Porn of any kind, violence, etc.).

They also claim to check every site at the start of each campaign with online antivirus software. That may be true. I personally didn’t have any problems. The sites browsed by Panda Browser look OK. Didnt had any encounters with “fishy” sites for now.

But you can’t be sure. When setting up your traffic tasks you have the option to hide your tasks. That makes many sites hidden. That way you cant see visited sites every time.

In that case, when task is processed it shows a white screen on the remote browsers window with a message saying that you have chosen to keep that task hidden. The task gets completed and a new one starts.

Key Features of Panda Bot Network

  • Offers lifetime free membership
  • Allows unlimited websites and unlimited campaigns per member
  • Accepts only quality websites that are clean out of any malware and that have appropriate content
  • Allows website owners to create unlimited different browsing patterns (campaigns) with up to 20 pages/website/visitor
  • Allows website owners to set the visit (session) time of Panda Smart Browsers for each page, up to 30 minutes/page
  • Does not allow members to run their Panda Smart Browsers via proxies
  • The system is based on the visit (session) “time”
  • Members earn “time” as they run their Panda Smart Browsers on their computers. Their “time” is spent when other members browse their websites
  • Search engine traffic from any Google country variants (com. uk. de. etc.) + Bing and traffic from Facebook pages + other Social Networks + Social Bookmarks + Web 2.0s + Web Directories + more

Key Features of Panda Smart Browser

  • Is a “browser” with additional codes that make it smart
  • Runs on the members’ computers. After start, it does not require human intervention
  • Performs as Chrome, Firefox or Safari randomly
  • Accomplishes the browsing tasks that are assigned to it from Panda Bot Network
  • Does not fake the referer, it actually clicks the links on the SERPs or at other URLs, then browses the members websites
  • Improves the search engine rankings
  • Traffic will show up in web analytics as regular traffic, not as crawler/bot
  • Browses websites based on the custom patterns created by the website owner
  • Every task that is carried out by Panda Smart Browser is unique
  • Is totally clean software

Installing and Configuring Panda Bot

Visit Panda Bot site and choose to sign up. Basic membership is free. You can upgrade membership type if you want. Confirm email and visit you Panda Bot account.

Now it is time todownload Panda Smart Browser by clicking link in Active Resources on your account Main Page. When installed you can run Smart Browser even without configuring your campaign.

You can set it later and ,for now, let Panda Smart Browser work in background in order to get some credits. I leave it on all the time when my computer is working. Configuring campaign takes some time, especially if you want to set it for more than one site/video. But once configured it doesn’t require more work.

When you are ready to go improving Google ranking, set up campaigns. That is done by clicking Panda Bot Network Back Office link (above link you clicked to download Panda Smart Browser).

Now starts the boring part. Setting up campaigns. I will not write about it as all is explained great on site. It may be confusing at the start but take time and done it as intended.

Final Thoughts

The introduction of the OBD1 system marked one of the greatest advancements in the automobile industry. Even though it was limited in functionality, the system paved the way for a more efficient and useful OBD2 system. OBD1 systems can be troublesome and very frustrating, but their significance is unforgettable.

This article has dealt with the meaning of OBD1 codes in many brands. You can now understand how they work and how to use them for your benefit. I hope you got all the answers you were looking for.

How Can I Check GM OBD1 Codes Without Any Scanner?

Pay attention to the GM OBD1 connector schematic below. It shows the purpose of each slot on the connector. Be careful not to connect the wrong parts. What you will need to do to get the OBD1 codes is to short the circuit between pin A and pin B.

This process will enable the car to enter into a diagnostic mode by flashing the Check Engine Light a couple of times. The goal is to count the flashes, which will give us the OBD1 codes you need.

Follow these simple steps carefully to check the OBD1 codes on your GM car without any scanner:

Step 1: Make sure you have your car battery charger connected to avoid unnecessary error codes and diagnostic issues.

Step 2: Carefully place a jumper wire between pin B and pin A, making sure not to insert in the wrong pin.

Step 3: After letting the jumper wire stay put, turn the ignition ON, remembering not to start the engine.

Step 4: At this point, you may notice that the Check Engine Light has begun to flash. Start counting the flashes. In the presence of more than one OBD1 code, you will see longer pauses between codes and shorter pauses between the trouble code’s digits. This is to say that if the code is 14, you will notice one flash, a pause, and then four flashes. After all the DTCs are scanned, it will flash code 12, which is one flash, a pause, and then two flashes.

Step 5: Take note of all the OBD1 codes scanned and refer them to the OBD1 diagnostic codes list specific to the GM car you own. You can now remove the jumper wire and battery charger. You have finished checking the codes all on your own.

How Do I Know My Car Is OBD1 Or OBD2?

There are two ways of knowing if your car is OBD1 or OBD2.

The year and place it was manufactured or bought when new

Cars manufactured in the USA in and after 1996 have the OBD2 system. However, depending on the country and the market it was marketed for, your vehicle may have a different system from those of other cars made in the same year.

In Europe, most petrol cars sold new between 2001 and 2004 have an OBD2 system. However, most vans, trucks, and 4*4 vehicles in Europe were not using the OBD2 system till 2007. You can confirm the year your car was manufactured by looking up your model online. Below is a list of countries and years in which the vehicles in those countries became OBD2 compatible.

United States1996
European Union (Diesel)2007
European Union (Petrol)2002
Australia (Diesel)2007
Australia (Petrol)2006
China (Petrol)2008
China (Diesel)2011
China (Petrol)2010
Hong Kong2006
New Zealand (Diesel)2007
New Zealand (Petrol)2006
United Arab Emirates2018

Check under the hood.

There is a sticker under the hood of every car that will show if your car is OBD2 compliant. It will look similar to the image shown below:

An OBD2 compliant

Can An OBD2 Scanner Read OBD1 Codes?

Unfortunately, it can’t. The OBD2 scanner is only matched with the OBD2 system. Even the adapter cable can’t change anything in the system. However, there are many professional scanners that are so advanced to use for scanning in both OBD1 and OBD2 vehicles, but the price will be expensive.

Watch the video: This Day in History on September 28th


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