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History of Baltimore - History

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Baltimore II

(Ship: T. 422; 1. 103'9"; b. 30'8"; cpl. 180; a. 18 9- pdr.
S. B., 6 4- pdr. S. B. )

The second Baltimore (20), a ship, was built in 1798 by Joseph Caverly, Baltimore, Md., as Adriana, purchased by the Navy 23 May 1798; renamed Baltimore and placed under the command of Captain Isaac Phillips.

In August 1798 Baltimore was ordered to join constelation and convoy a fleet of merchantmen home from Havana, Cuba. Late in 1798 Baltimore and Constitution were escorting a large convoy to Havana, when the latter sprang her bowsprit and returned home. Baltimore later fell in with two British frigates, 16 November 1798, who impressed 55 of her crew (50 were returned). On his return to the United States, Captain Phillips was dismissed for permitting this outrage to the American flag. The incident also created much anti-British feeling.

During 1799 Baltimore took two prizes and the following year three more, as well as recapturing three American vessels which had fallen into French hands. At the close of the Quasi-War with France she carried the ratified peace treaty to France. Upon her return Baltimore was sold at Philadelphia in 1801.

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