Maulnes castle, a jewel in Burgundy

Maulnes castle, a jewel in Burgundy

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Located in Cruzy-le-Châtel on the route des Ducs de Bourgogne, the Maulnes castle, listed as an historic monument, is an exceptional witness to the refinement and culture of the great lords of the court of the Valois, at the time of the Wars of Religion. Sponsored by Antoine de Crussol and Louise de Clermont close to Catherine de Medici, these descendants of influential and cultivated families were in contact with the artists of the time: Joachim du Bellay, Philibert Delorme ...

It was in May 1565, that Antoine de Crussol, who became Duke of Uzès, decided to establish his power in the county thanks to a building that could compete with the castles of Ancy-le-Franc and Tanlay, then under construction. . As the building could not be so large, it was designed to strike the imagination with the originality and beauty of its architecture. The architect (still unknown today) therefore created a castle with a unique shape in France, a pentagon combining French know-how and Italian techniques.

Maulnes appears today, as one of the most original creations of the European Renaissance, symbol of the ingenuity of the time: a central well allows the castle to be served with running water and Louise de Clermont had taken care to install a bathroom.

Classified as a Historic Monument since 1942, the General Council of Yonne acquired it in 1997 and saved it from ruin. The castle is now being restored and the many discoveries made by its site fascinate the world of Art History and Architecture.

Since 2005, the public has been invited to discover this extraordinary building and follow the progress of the excavations and works. Intimate tours are organized to guide tourists through this "labyrinthine castle" whose architectural structure confuses those who venture there. Walking through this mysterious place leaves no one indifferent.

Chateau de Maulnes (Yonne). Daily open from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. (departure of the last visit) until Sunday 2 September inclusive.

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