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Tonight it will rain stars - Theater

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Telling the three great conflicts that have marked contemporary history: from 1870 to 1945 via the "Der des Der", from period texts, this is what the musical show offers Tonight it will rain stars. A true dive into history and memory revealing a precious and astonishing work of historical research, it is also a sensitive and moving spectacle imbued with humanism.

In total darkness, a few double bass notes soon accompanied by the soft melodies of a piano reach the ears of the spectator: a jazzy atmosphere and a swing. Two people enter the scene, carrying a large trunk of a grandfather. It contains letters and songs from his past and its opening, like Pandora's box, pours out the evils of war.

A dive into history

One of the great assets of this musical spectacle is to present a large palette of texts and songs, generally little known and written or composed on the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. During 1h20, the spectator can thus plunge back into the history of the Third Republic and its main significant events starting with the Franco-Prussian war of 1870 then the Belle Époque through an original repertoire. Immediately challenged by The people by Aristide Bruant, the spectator is told about the siege of Paris in 1870 by Victor Hugo, the war on the front through the battle of Reichshoffen, Boulangisme, the Dreyfus affair with the famous letter of Zola I accuse. Jules Ferry, Georges Clemenceau or Léon Gambetta are also part of the party, as are the hundreds of thousands of young people, leaving the flower with the gun for the great butchery of 14-18 following the notice of mobilization. If the stories counted and sung generally start well, it is often with the horror of war that they end, supported by letters of hair. Then comes the Second World War, the exodus of the French fleeing the German advance under the din of air raids and bombings without forgetting the Shoah.

They are thus texts of great diversity and bearing a real interest on the historical but also social, literary and musical level exhibited through a lively and original staging.

A lively and original show

Through the evocation of these three great conflicts, it is not only a question of doing a work of memory but of touching and striking the spectator. Performed by four dynamic and seasoned young actors, Tonight it will rain stars is a comic, burlesque, poetic, but also deeply tragic cover show. Between despair and fantasy, the viewer cannot remain insensitive to this original and astonishing way of approaching war and history as well as to the discovery of this little-known pantheon of French song. For this purpose, Tonight it will rain stars wants to be intergenerational, without implication or compromise, to deliver a message of peace. Because if by opening the famous box, Pandora pours out all the evils of humanity, let us not forget that at the bottom of this box, there remains for humans hope.

Tonight, it will rain stars, from September 16 to October 17 at the Théâtre Douze in Paris.

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