Battle of Waterloo: historical reconstruction

Battle of Waterloo: historical reconstruction

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This year again many enthusiasts of the Napoleonic wars will come to reconstruct the battle of Waterloo from June 18 to 20, 2010. The event is operated commercially, with visitors being offered the opportunity to attend the show from a seated stand, with caterer and souvenir if they have the means. For € 275 you even have the opportunity to don the uniform of a grumpy man to discover bivouac life and why not try to kick Wellington's roast beef!

But beyond this commercial exploitation, the event reveals two things. First of all, the passion still unleashed by the French Emperor, still able to stir the masses almost 200 years after his death.

Secondly, all of Europe can come together to commemorate this battle which would inevitably have changed the face of the world if Napoleon, after his triumphant return to France, had defeated those who by the Treaty of Vienna tried to sound the death knell for the ideals of the Revolution. . Despite the defeat, the Hundred Days epic proved to kings that we will never be able to live as before 1789.

Thus, many will be those who will commemorate Waterloo. But not all will necessarily commemorate the English lion raised on the mound, some will prefer to look into the eye of this Eagle assailed by vultures ...

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