Cinema release: Casanova, a teenager in Venice

Cinema release: Casanova, a teenager in Venice

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Return to the dark rooms of the Casanova by Luigi Comencini, produced in 1969 and adapted from the memoirs of the famous Italian libertine and adventurer. A film as original and unexpected as the fate of Giovanni Casanova was. His parents, actors, intended him for the priesthood, but he was expelled from seminary at sixteen for misconduct. Then, Casanova was in turn secretary, soldier in the Venetian army, preacher, alchemist, professional player, violinist, lottery director and spy, constantly involved in political and romantic intrigues ...

In 1755, the Venetian authorities jailed him for impiety and practicing magic, but he managed to escape spectacularly. He traveled throughout Europe, winning the trust or friendship of many personalities, making a reputation among women for his wit and charm. In France, he was favorite at the court of Louis XV, and the lover of the Marquise de Pompadour. In 1785 Casanova retired to the castle of Dux, in Bohemia, with a friend of which he was the librarian.

It was there that he wrote a fantastic novel Icosameron (1787), Histoire de ma flight des Pombs de Venise (1788) then Histoire de ma vie (also known as Memoirs) published posthumously in 1822. This work , imbued with gallantry and debauchery, narrates his adventures and his love stories; but it also has a very interesting historical value thanks to the accuracy of almost all the events related, in a prose full of verve and humanity, on the characters and mores of society, from the second half of the eighteenth century.

Casanova, a teenager in Venice, by Luigi Comencini, currently in theaters.

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