National Geographic History becomes History & Civilizations

National Geographic History becomes History & Civilizations

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Now co-published with Le Monde, National Geographic History was recently renamed History & Civilizations. The magazine's mission is to rediscover more than 5,000 years of history, by focusing on the great cultures, the heroes and the peoples of which we are sometimes indirect heirs: the empires of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Athens. , of Rome ... Without forgetting the great artistic, political and intellectual adventure of Europe.

In this first issue of December, Histoire et Civilizations devotes a dossier to the journey to the afterlife among the ancient Egyptians. Funeral ritual ”,“ Bible of the ancient Egyptians ”more generally“ Book of the dead ”: these different expressions reflect the difficulties that specialists had in qualifying the most famous collection of funeral texts in the Egyptian religion. In reality it was a set of "formulas to come out into the light". Just like their perception of death: a second birth ...

To read also: Russia conquering the Black Sea under Catherine II; England in the 17th century, a model of democracy; the singular story of Nabonidus, the last king of Babylon; the fall of the Roman Emperor Nero; Angkor Wat, masterpiece of Khmer art ... History & Civilizations takes you through the centuries by revisiting events, cities, territories, monuments, institutions, cultures, individual destinies and civilizations that have marked our humanity.

Histoire et Civilizations, December 2014. On newsstands and by subscription.

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