Call to support the magazine L'Histoire

Call to support the magazine L'Histoire

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Sophia Publications, the press group which publishes the magazines L'Histoire and Historia in particular, went into receivership with continuation of activity, at the end of January. here is a appeal launched by the Friends of the magazine L'Histoire to support this indispensable magazine.

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

The association of "Friends of the magazine L'Histoire" was formed to defend the magazine L'Histoire: its identity, its economic model, its editorial independence, its development.

Maurice Szafran, Thierry Verret and Gilles Gramat in April 2014, joined in autumn 2014 by Claude Perdriel, acquired Sophia Publications, a small press group which brings together History, Literary Magazine, Research and Historia. In January 2015, they suddenly placed the company in receivership. The situation of the specialized cultural press, like that of the press as a whole, is certainly difficult. Social plans have been implemented in many newsrooms. Judicial reorganization is extremely rare. This procedure worries and shocks us.

However, the review is resisting the crisis rather well: it has more than 40,000 exceptionally loyal subscribers. Its newsstand sales are resistant to current storms, the result, we believe, of a consistent editorial policy. Its economic model is viable.
On the strength of the work of an editorial staff headed by Valérie Hannin, that of its scientific committee and its network of correspondents, it offers an unparalleled link between the most recent international university research and the educated general public. History notably plays an essential role in the dissemination of research and knowledge to teachers, students and preparatory class pupils and it is the only one to do so.

This work for the general public is based on a close relationship with the authors, on an abundant iconographic, cartographic and infographic offer, which are at the heart of its identity and contribute to its success. Historical partnerships (Rendez-vous de Blois, Festival du film d'histoire de Pessac, La Fabrique de L'Histoire on France Culture) and other ad hoc (co-editions with newspapers such as Marianne, Les Echos, or Paris- Match, publishing houses such as Dargaud, Fayard, Le Seuil, museums and various cultural institutions) ensure its notoriety and influence. Thanks to the efforts of the editorial staff in previous years, the website attracts 130,000 visits per month. Solid relays.
We are attached to this success and to the means of sustaining it in a changing context. Join us in large numbers within the association of Friends of the magazine L'Histoire.

Help us to make it known by disseminating this message as widely as possible, and the link to the Facebook page.
To join:
Please send an email to our address This email address is being protected from spambots. You must enable JavaScript to view it. to leave your details
And thank you also to send your subscription (20 euros) to the association's headquarters, at Patrick Boucheron, 123 quai de Valmy, 75010 Paris (check payable to "Association les Amis de la revue L'Histoire")

Kind regards to you,
Michel Winock (President), Patrick Boucheron (Secretary general), Cécile Rey (treasurer).

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