Mona Lisa - Mona Lisa (Leonardo da Vinci)

Mona Lisa - Mona Lisa (Leonardo da Vinci)

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Mona Lisa (Mona Lisa) is a mythical painting painted by Leonardo DeVinci and the most famous work of all time, considered the timeless symbol of Western art. It owes its notoriety to the fact that it represents a woman's face and not a religious scene or a still life. Presumed portrait of Monna Lisa, wife of the Marquis Francesco del Giocondo, the work will be acquired by François I and will later become the centerpiece of the Louvre Museum. Leonardo had written: "" Don't you see that among human beauties, it is the beautiful face that stops passers-by, and not the rich ornaments ...? "

The Mona Lisa, the most famous work of Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519) begins this portrait of Mona Lisa on his return to Florence shortly after the fall of the Sforza family in Milan, his former protectors. The Italian painter worked there for four years, from 1503 to 1506, and used poplar as a support. He took it with him to France during the reign of Francis I. On the death of Vinci, the painting entered the royal collection. It was exhibited at the Palace of Versailles in the Cabinet of Louis XIV until 1650, then Napoleon gave it to the Louvre National Museum in 1805. For some five centuries, the Mona Lisa has defied art and time, to restore us intact. magic of this enigmatic female smile.

Its theft in 1911 by an Italian glazier created a great stir. Found, the painting is the object of all attention. During the two World Wars, he was put to safety and escaped the voracity of the Nazis. It was exhibited in the United States in 1963 and in Japan in 1974. The work became a real object of worship.

The painting is made of a large amount of layers of glaze or plaster on a wood panel. It is an oil painting, with the addition of gasoline, layers to highlight chiaroscuro, "sfumato", that vaporous process, like smoke, dear to Leonardo. Leonardo took the opportunity of a portrait here to reflect on the relationship between background and motif, between the universe (the landscape) and a detail that he extracts from it (the woman). An expression of calm and happiness, the work is also famous for its smile, perhaps the first in the history of painting.

But who is Mona Lisa?

Many hypotheses have been put forward: a young man friend of Leonardo, the Princess of Este of Mantua, a courtesan of Julien de Medici ... It is generally admitted that it is about Lisa Gherardini, born in May 1479. She was married to Francesco Del Giocondo, son of a silk merchant, with whom she had three children. It was on the occasion of one of these births that her husband asked Leonardo da Vinci to portray this young mother.

The smile of the Mona Lisa is that of a fulfilled woman, yet with a chubby face, a slightly yellowish complexion, without eyebrows, installed in front of a rocky landscape, out of the water, in a gradient of blue and green . Francesco del Giocondi would not have accepted the painting: this smile is incorrect and the young woman is stuck in front of a setting that does not conform to the time.

Leonardo da Vinci therefore keeps his work, which will delight thousands of visitors each year who come to contemplate this portrait with an enigmatic smile.

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